BW 097: Do Comedy and Grief go Together?

May 14, 2024

How can you laugh again after your person is gone?


How can a stand-up comedian genuinely continue in their career when suffering such a deep loss?  


Angela shares her story of how she moved through grief and honors her person by returning to comedy and creating a special show called Grief is a Jerk.


Find tickets to her show on 5/25 @ 3 pm in Queens, NY here:



In this episode we talk about:

02:05 Introducing Angela: Comedy, Grief, and Healing

02:58 Angela's Journey Through Grief and Loss

05:10 Finding a New Normal and Rediscovering Comedy

11:03 The Power of Support Groups in Healing

15:10 Reentering the World of Comedy and Honoring Love

21:21 Advice for Navigating Grief and Embracing a New Normal

25:12 Angela's Upcoming Projects and How to Connect

35:14 The Importance of Community Support in Widowhood



You can find Angela at:






Angela is an 8 year standup comedian who tours throughout the northeast.  She is the creator and host of the dark comedy show “Grief is a Jerk,” which gives performers a safe space to share their grief story. As a bereaved partner of four years, Angela advocates for mental health, grief awareness, and healing after a loss.







Hey hey, I’m Emily Tanner.  I was widowed at age 37, one month shy of our 20 year wedding anniversary.  Nathan and I have four beautiful children together, and my world was turned completely upside down when I lost him.  


Now, I love my life again!  I’m able to experience joy, achieve goals and dreams I thought I’d lost, and rediscover this next version of me.


I did the work.

I invested in coaching for myself.

I learned what I needed to do to move forward and took the steps.

I implemented the tools and strategies that I use for my clients in my coaching program.



This is for you, if:

  •  You want a faith-based approach to coaching
  •  You want to move forward after loss, and aren’t sure how
  •  You want to enjoy life without feeling weighed down by guilt, sadness, or regret
  •  You want a guide to help navigate this journey to the next version of you
  •  You want to rediscover who you are


For 1-1 Coaching:


For group/community:



Find and take the next steps to move forward (without “moving on”).






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