Heal your heart, find hope, and dream again for the future.

Grieving doesn't have to equal a life of suffering.  Find ways inside the Membership Community to connect with other young widows, reduce overwhelm, heal your heart, find joy, and dream again for the future.  Yes, it is possible!  Courses, live coaching, and Q&A calls. 

Count me in!
Three women connecting as widows

Connect with Other Widows

Share stories, insights, and experience.  Celebrate wins and receive support with struggles.  Live coaching and Q&A calls allow you to heal, grow, and interact.  Laugh, cry, and pray together.

Heal Your Heart + Find Hope

Everyone's grief journey is different.  Find ways inside the community to overcome your specific challenges, learn what blockers may be stopping you from healing, and learn healthy ways of healing.


Dream for Your Future

Hope and joy are possible!  While grief remains a part of our life, that doesn't mean we live a life of suffering.  You can dream again for your future, and we can show you how.

Hi, I'm Emily

One month shy of our 20 year anniversary, I lost my husband and best friend, Nathan, unexpectedly.  He was 40, I was 37, and we have 4 amazing kiddos together.

Losing your person in life is devastating.  It changes everything, including you.  It's easy to feel like you're drowning, your future dreams have vanished, life is hopeless, and you're unsure of who you are on your own.

It took time, but I have been able to heal, find hope, rebuild, dream, and have joy again.  I love helping other widows do the same.

If I can do it, you can, too!


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