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Let's create a life you love beyond loss.


What Widows are Saying

Results you can expect with Coaching

  • Increased¬†confidence in decision-making... stop second-guessing yourself and doubting the right next step (very common after a major loss)
  • Create a life you love again... even if you don't think it's possible yet
  • Freedom from guilt and anxiety around your loved one
  • Being intentional about who you want to be and the life you want to live... no longer drifting through life and going through the motions (which is what it feels like after a sudden loss)
  • Find joy, purpose, and meaning... discover what you're meant to do now that your life has taken a turn
  • Feel connected and grounded... build a social circle that supports you and cares about you and learn how to ask for help as a widow
  • Process emotions... instead of avoiding and suppressing them, which often makes the pain feel even worse
  • Embrace your new identity and your story as a widow




Reclaim joy and rediscover your purpose.


1-1 Coaching can help if:

  • You want to create a future for yourself, but don't know how or where to start.

  • You feel guilty... creating a life you can be excited about, dating again, or wondering what everyone else will say.
  • You have goals and dreams in mind, but you need some help getting there.
  • Navigating this new life is overwhelming, confusing, and full of landmines.

  • You feel like you're drowning... knocked backwards by waves of grief any time you take a step forward.

  • It seems like no one understands how you feel.

  • You want to connect with others who "get it".

  • You need someone to listen without judgment.
  • You want to love your life again and believe it's possible... you're just not sure how.


I thought my life would be different...


What happened?


I had it all figured out.  I knew what my life was going to look like.


But when my husband died, I felt my dreams and plans for the future shatter.


Just like that - gone!  My world imploded.


I felt like a drifting flower in the midst of an angry ocean...


Helpless.  Fragile.  Directionless.  My anchor was gone.


Everything I knew about the world, disrupted.


Everything apart from my family seemed pointless.


I found myself thrust into survival mode, the world marching on without me.


I felt hollow, an empty shell of the person I once was.  There was no more color in the world... it was all gray.  Like an out-of-body experience, I felt disconnected, disassociated... distant.


I was so confused.  I knew there had to be a way I could enjoy life again, but the chasm that separated me from joy was so deep, so raw, so real....  How could I ever laugh again and feel it from my soul?


How could I cheer my kids on during an event without my heart wrenching in sadness that their dad wasn't there?


My chest ached.  My brain was foggy.  I couldn't sleep more than three hours a night.  I lost most of my hair.  Even my body was failing me.


I tried to claw my way out of the pit of despair.  Just about the time I thought I was out, I'd get knocked back in.


I wanted to believe I could be free.  That I could escape the claws of grief and sorrow.  


But I still couldn't see how.  


Today, I live a life of joy.  I no longer am helpless to my grief and sadness.  It no longer overpowers me.  I have dreams and plans again for my future.  When I face those milestone events in life, the waves that hit me now are full of love and gratitude, not sorrow.  


My calling and my purpose is to help you do the same.


Equipping you for success

As your coach, I am fully committed to your success.  I come beside you and personally give you the guidance, tools, and support you need to achieve your goals.  Unlike many coaches, our time isn't limited to hourly sessions.  We'll communicate throughout the month based on your preferences and needs.  

I am so excited to invite you to the Coaching Program!

Here's what coaching members have access to:

  • One-on-one sessions dedicated to you
  • A fully customized coaching plan based on your unique needs and situation¬†
  • Routine live sessions (Zoom video or audio calls - your choice!)
  • Unlimited access to me outside of sessions via a messaging app for text, voice, video, pictures, and more - when something comes to mind, send it right then!
  • The Brave Widow Membership Community is included so you can connect with other widows in a similar situation:
    • Five¬†courses¬†you can complete at your own pace!
    • Two¬†live group calls (Heart-to-Heart Hangouts)¬†every month where you can connect with other widows.

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