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  • Five courses you can complete at your own pace!
  • Two live calls every month where you can learn, connect with other widows, and get real time¬†feedback!
  • Group coaching where you can get real time feedback!
  • Messaging platform to share pictures, voice memos, and more!
  • The opportunity to connect¬†with other widows who get it!
  • Forums where you can¬†ask questions, connect, share your struggles, and celebrate your wins!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Included in the Membership:


The Making Friends and Meeting New People Course

  • Learn how to network, make friends, and meet new people, even if you're an introvert!
  • Even if you hate small talk
  • Even if you don't know what to say
  • Even when your social circle has abandoned you


The Navigating Brain Fog Course

  • Learn what actually causes brain fog
  • Three strategic ways you can survive and thrive while struggling with brain fog
  • Specific examples and ideas you can implement ASAP to stop feeling like you're drowning


The Setting Goals Course

  • How you can set goals while you're grieving
  • Even when you feel lost
  • Even when you feel overwhelmed
  • Even if the smallest of goals feels too big


The Getting Unstuck from Grief Course

  • Learn why we feel stuck in grief
  • Why putting a timeline to grief is so complicated
  • Tackle the reason why you experience guilt and what to do instead
  • Learn signs and behaviors that show you're stuck
  • Evaluate seven areas where you may be stuck and identify your one next step to move forward


The Ways to Honor Your Loved One Course

  • Learn how to move forward without moving "on"
  • Cover over 50 ideas of ways you can keep your person's spirit in your everyday life
  • Identify the top ways you want to incorporate your loved one
  • Learn ideas for handling the holidays and special occasions


You'll also have instant access to the past live events, membership calls, and expert guest speakers!


Videos that include events like...


  • Freedom from Burnout with Alexandra Tanon-Olsson
  • Decluttering Your Home and When to Get Rid of Your Spouse's Things with Laura Sinclair
  • Widow Author Q&A with Elaine Roth


And so much more!


Future workshops and live events will be included in your membership at no cost!


Workshops such as...


  • How to Actually Help a Widow (11/30)
  • Love Post Loss: Dating as a Widow Series (Spring 2024)


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Drowning in Grief 


I remember many times breaking down into tears out of frustration. 


Hours of YouTube How To videos, of Pinterest searches, of group questions, and asking people for input. It was unthinkable trying to navigate grief, parent four children, take care of the house, work, cook, clean, mow, and juggle it all.


I wanted one place I could go to find all the answers. 


What was I supposed to be doing? How did I learn to do new things? What worked for other people? What is "normal" grieving? What are the approximate timelines? 


I found a lot of information, but it was disparate, conflicting, confusing, and overwhelming.


The widow and grief communities are amazing. They are full of supportive, caring, accepting, and helpful people who share experiences, wins, and failures. 


But it wasn't enough.


Brave Widow was born with the idea that we can bring these things together. We can create a community of connection, hope, education, and eliminate much of the confusion and overwhelm.


It is possible to heal, find hope, and dream again for the future.


I'm here to walk this journey with you.

An amazing plan just for you.



per month

  • Two live calls/month
  • Live events and educational sessions
  • Community forums
  • Connection with other widows
  • Answers to your questions
  • Access to courses as they are created
  • One month free!




  • Two live calls/month
  • Live events and educational sessions
  • Community forums
  • Connection with other widows
  • Answers to your questions
  • Access to courses as they are created
  • One month free!