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We help young widows heal their heart, find hope, and dream again for the future.

Who we Are + Who we Serve

Faith Values

Brave Widow is a Bible believing, faith-based brand.  

You do not have to be.  

Given our values, we do not promote solutions that are contradictory such as psychics/mediums, hookup culture, or substance abuse as ways to cope or heal in grief.

Target Audience

All are welcome who demonstrate respectful, supportive behaviors.  Married, not married, widow, widower, anticipatory grieving, loss of a different relative...

Our message and target audience is geared towards young widows, specifically women ages 25-40.  

We recognize that there is much overlap in the field of grief and do not limit members or partnerships solely with this demographic; this is intended only to indicate the majority audience members.


We tackle real life and death issues.  We roll up our sleeves and get in the trenches to love and serve our members.  

We don't pretend to have all the answers but appreciate the partnerships and collaboration as we pull in the appropriate expertise and experiences.  

We talk about death, suicide, miscarriage, substance abuse, trauma, grief, sexual struggles, and encourage widows to share their personal story as a way to help others.

Podcast Interviews with Widow(er)s

Widows love to hear other stories that sound like their own.  We are always open to receiving requests to feature personal stories, talk about certain themes/points, and hosting a panel discussion.

For personal stories, please consider the top 2-3 takeaways you want the audience to have, and a word of encouragement that you would have appreciated in your toughest moments.


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Collaborations + Partnerships

Widows often immediately take on all the responsibilities of their late spouse, many of which they are not familiar with.  

We look for industry/subject matter experts to educate on life skills such as: budgeting, investing, insurance, cooking, home organizing, life organizing, parenting, dating, home maintenance, car maintenance, real estate, re-entering the workforce, and so much more.

Opportunities for podcast presence, course creation, live event sessions, and more.

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