Widows and Grievers


Widowed at age 37 as a traveling executive balancing 4 kids and 4,000+ employees, I understand the challenge of trying to be everything for everyone while you're grieving.

You want to create a future for yourself, but don't know how or where to start.

Navigating this new life is overwhelming, confusing, and full of landmines.

You may feel like you're drowning... knocked backwards by waves of grief any time you take a step forward.

It seems like no one understands how you feel.

You want to connect with others who "get it".

You know you're meant for something more.

You feel restless and unsettled, dissatisfied with where you are vs. where you want to be.

You feel uncertain about the right path or the exact next steps to take.

You feel somewhat lost, confused, or unmotivated.

You thought you'd be further along than you are now.