BW 084: Resilience Amidst Grief: Navigating Life's Unforeseen Challenges as a Young Widow

widow interview Feb 06, 2024

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Content warning: smoke, death, etc.

After the loss of her partner to a sudden and tragic death, this 33-year-old widow was left to answer the question of what it takes to adjust to life after the worst possible scenario becomes her reality.

Jane recommends: 

  • Find support 
  • leaning on people, you know, that are supportive,
  •  I co-admin Young WON, a Facebook and in-person support group for young widows and widowers in NYC. We provide a community space for meeting other widows with the goal of building a support network for one another.

Quote: ''

'It's hard for people who haven't experienced that kind of loss, even if they have experienced loss or grief. Loss of a partner is  It's very different.''

''When we're widowed, it's almost like we are rediscovering who we are,''

''Loss of a partner is  It's very different. You lose your every day. You lose your future. You lose kind of your, I think your grounding. You're very much  ungrounded.  Um, and so I would, I would get comments where people would think what they were saying was, was helpful, but  it wasn't, you know, a lot of times it'd be very triggering or it'd be the wrong thing to say.''

''That in the beginning it is hard, but it's not always going to be that hard. It's always going to  have that, you know, that heaviness, I would say. I, I don't see myself really. Ever getting over it. Right. But as I move further away from it, there is a level of acceptance and there is.

And I can't imagine how that would be the case but I am in some peace  even with, uh, uh, like, unexpected traumatic loss.''

The Brave Widow Community is a place where you can connect with other widows, find hope and healing, and begin to dream again for the future.  Learn more at  

Hey guys, I’m Emily Jones

I was widowed at age 37, one month shy of our 20 year wedding anniversary.  Nathan and I have four beautiful children together.  My world was turned completely upside down when I lost him.  With faith, community, and wisdom from others, I’ve been able to find hope, joy, and dream again for the future.  I want to help others do the same, too!



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