BW 043: Grow Your Wealth, Grow Your Life with Rick Salmeron

industry interview Aug 08, 2023

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In episode 43 of the Brave Widow Show, I had the opportunity to speak with Rick who has some really great insights and tips for widows specifically when it comes to financial planning.

Rick Salmeron is a financial advisor with clients throughout America, based in Dallas, Texas.

He's a certified financial planner and CEO of Salmeron Financial. He entered the business in 1990, then branched out to begin his own firm in 2001. His guidance and experience helps clients spend less time worrying about their money so that they can enjoy other areas of their life.


Where to find Rick:

Facebook | Salmeron Financial

Instagram | ricksalmeron

Youtube | Salmeron Financial

Website | RICK SALMERON, CFP®Financial Advisor

Email | [email protected]




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